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The artist’s images have historical background in the landscapes of Cezanne; expressionist woodcuts; works of Lyonel Feininger; and the cubistic undertakings of Braque, Picasso, and Juan Gris. Futurist paintings by Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carra, and Gino Severini provide additional sources for investigations into simultaneity of time, motion, and altering vantage points.

The artist has also been influenced by the rural settings of his youth, where agricultural activities create a patterned layout of the terrain. Varied crop rotation, planting and cultivation provide a patchwork of numerous bright greens against earth tones while short vegetation is set against clusters of trees. These features are presented in a quasiaerial perspective within each work.

Works by the artist/printmaker encompass the full range of printmaking techniques: intaglio etching, woodcut, lithography, engraving, drypoint, monoprints, and serigraphy. More recent works also include landscape constructions and collage with the inclusion of wood, sticks, wire and shaped paper as well as mixed media: acrylics, washes, pencils and pastels.

Most prints are produced in limited fine art print editions which rarely exceed 25 prints. Other works are one-of-a-kind. Contact the artist directly for further information. This site features an expanded explanation of the overall style, detailed description for each displayed print, expanded vitae, documentation, and the extensive exhibition records. Most works are for sale. Price list available upon request, please contact Jordan.

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