Summer; Recycled
Mixed Media Collage/Construction: Recycled cans, acrylic paints on metal, broken glass, wire, plastics, rusted auto chrome, reversed street graffiti, nails, telephone wire, vinyl, rusted spike, screws, nails, twine, etc.
19" x 21 1/2" X 2"
Jordan David Dauby
Artist / Printmaker

Price: call or email Jordan

One day I came across a flattened lime colored soft drink can which reminded me of a shape in several of my works. I decided to work with it and other found items which I pick up during hikes in the woods or along streams, as well as stuff that just arrived; along side my city home, or which I discovered in gutters and alleys.

This work is completely recycled everything,; even the back board was a discarded shelf. The frame is a reversal of frame for a paint by number kit which was among things left from childhood; in the farm home attic. Graffiti from repeated tagging and the city's attempt to cover it over is used. How? From a transit stop I collected the pieces of a tag battle. Pieces were falling off due to many seasons of freezing weather and peeling paint.

Also used are paints which weather has removed from city street post and rust patterns found on the back side of metallic paint, weathered away from the metal birdbath it was to protect. What else can you locate here?

Expanded list of materials: rusting chrome section of an automobile; assorted flattened or crushed aluminum cans (soft drink and beer); rust encrusted paint flakes; soda carton sections, sealed in acrylic polymer, cardboard sealed in acrylic polymer; chips of dried paint; telephone wires; assorted rusted nails and screws; plastic tubes (brown and green); rusted bottle caps; reversed street graffiti of successive layers and colors; sections of green vinyl; pieces of broken glass bottle; braided color cloth straps; white cloth strip; rusted wire; green paint flaked away from city lamp post; plastic binder strips; cotton swap & stick; piece of blue plastic grocery bag; purple twine; rusted spike; blue plastic piece of unknown origin;acrylic paints;mounted on white birch shelf from discarded cabinet; framed with reversed sections of wooden paint-by-number painting kit frame with purple twine added. All metallic, rust and organic items sealed in acrylic polymers (matt and or gloss).