Artist's Landscape: "I Still have Phyllis Bramson's Paint Brush"
Mixed Media: pine wood block with collage of woodblock prints, glass, rust, weather pealed paints, sections of etching plates, Plexiglas, broken pottery, paint tube and paint brushes.
12 1/2" x 11 1/4"x 1 1/2"
Jordan David Dauby
Artist / Printmaker

Price: call or email Jordan  

In 1986 at Miracle Press, Northern Illinois University; along with co-printmaker Robert Appolloni, I printed an edition for Phyllis Bramson which she called Shaking Still. Almost two decades later, I discovered Phyllis's paintbrush in my printmaking tool box and decided to incorporate it into this collage upon a woodblock used for printing in the reduction method.

Parts of woodcut prints, paint brushes, canvas stretcher supports, drawing pencils, corners of etching plates and Plexiglas as well as broken pottery and a paint tube all playfully come together to form this artist's landscape.

Expanded list of Materials: Pine wood plank remainder of woodcut, reduction method; woodcut print sections, collaged; large wooden handle paint brushes; small plastic handle paint brushes; broken glass; rust encrusted patterns on back of flaked paint sections from metal bird bath; plastic triangle wedges for canvas stretchers; drawing pencil stubs; corners of etched printing plates; triangle shaped piece of Plexiglas; flaked off green metallic paint pieces; broken sections of blue pottery; old watercolor paint tube; acrylic washes and paints. All metals, rust, and wood parts are coated with acrylic matt or gloss medium.