Fall; Recycled: Red Fox Hiding
Mixed Media Collage/Construction: Recycled cans, metal, glass, wire, plastics, reversed paint with rust, telephone wire, screws, etc.
18" x 24" x 3"
Jordan David Dauby
Artist / Printmaker

Price: call or email Jordan

A number of items found in this work were located along hiking trails or streams in Wisconsin including plastic casings from gun shot shells near a lake (mostly likely used for duck hunting). I was working on this three dimensional collage during the time in 2004 that a controversy was brewing in England over Fox Hunting or the prohibition of it. Not intended to be a statement in either direction, there is a red fox hiding in this work among the numerous recycled items.

Nature continues its renewals and recycling. I find it meaningful to make landscapes which speak to this recycling aspect of nature while also recycling as well: A landscape about recycling by making a landscape of recycled things.

Expanded list of materials: assorted crushed and flattened aluminum cans (soft drink, beer and carbonated water);Coaxial Cable & male connector; Torn and abraded plastic soda bottle; Plastic/metal gun shot casings; Plastic baby spoon; Sliver of wood from brown Chinese stilted cabinet (Zhejian province, Late 19th Century); Flattened metal mosquito repellant spray can with paper label; plastic potato chip bag (avocado flavor); Plastic drinking straws; Plastic binding straps in sections; Rusted bottle caps; Aluminum tea candle holders, flattened and shaped; Foil seal from wine bottle; Plastic transit card with magnetic strip; Bike brake cable section and casing; Foil wrapper from oatmeal bar; Plastic restaurant food debit card with magnetic strip; Rusted metal; Plastic tubing; Plastic/foil wrapper for powder drink mix; Sliver of weather worn wood; Home sub-carpet material; Pull cord from item of clothing; Plastic & metal electrical/telephone cable; Rust adhered to paint peeled from metal; Plastic mint candy wrappers; Pieces of broken clay flower pot; Unknown plastic toy part; Foil pull strips from coffee (individual servings); Foil bag and sections from coffee bag (1 lb bag); Postage stamp; Wooden pencils with graphite; Pieces of broken glazed ceramic pottery; Wood section from old city traffic horse; Guitar pick; Plastic stirring straws; Cloth ID/number strips from dry cleaners; Plastic & metal anti-theft strip/ Acrylic modeling pastes, glues and acrylic paints. All rusted metals and wood are coated with acrylic matt or gloss medium. Collage is mounted on 18 x 24 inch wooden artist drawing board.