First Cut: Reprise
(Nature Memory Box #1)

Mixed Media
13 3/8” x 7 3/8” x 4 3/8”
  Jordan David Dauby
Artist / Printmaker

Price: call or email Jordan

Elements used in my Nature Box Series of Scape Constructions are recycled and reused, including my own art works. Two sections from “The First Cut” find new expression in this work to ‘decorate’ the outside and inside of this recycled wine crate. I wanted, in some manner, to highlight and protect items I’ve collected from nature. They are as if ‘relics’ of nature housed in a reliquary, much like precious things of an important or holy person have been treasured in numerous religious traditions.

I realized that if we continue to attempt to separate ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, from our connection with nature, then my collected items may very well become relics of past things no longer found. Actually begun while I was working upon “Home,” (now Opus 70); this work was completed first. With “Home” and this work, I found a means to use my abstract landscape style together with realistic natural items while also beginning a presentation on recycling and nature preservation. In addition to the reuse of my wood block print; “First Cut: Reprise (Nature Memory Box #1)” is made of a wood wine box, bands of a wooden table placemat, sewing pins, as well as cloth braid and fabric remnants. All items from nature are sealed in varnish or acrylic polymers.

As with the original “The First Cut,” this work relates to various means, measures and memories of “being cut.” Each item from nature included in this work (leaf, cedar branch, bark) was cut in some manner. Do you recall the first time you had awareness of cutting down something and realizing you were injuring or killing a living being? May the memory now be re-presented with a new enlightenment.