Autumnal Flow Nature
Memory Box 2

Mixed Media
13 3/8” x 7 3/8” x 4 3/8”
  Jordan David Dauby
Artist / Printmaker

Price: call or email Jordan

Second in a series I refer to as Nature Memory Boxes; ‘relics’ of nature are preserved for special display and decoratively presented with one of my cubist landscape works as well as other recycled items:  wooden wine box, wooden table mat sections, decorative pins, plastic ‘fish’ beads, fabric and braid remnants and a cobalt colored house coat belt.  The organic items: fallen leaves and broken wood, are preserved in acrylic polymer or varnish and a granite stone from a Fall creek is added.  A smaller reddish stone “floats” above to give contrast, emphasizing the flow in nature and the weight of gravity which seems to arrive with Autumn.  After all, being ‘swept away’ seems to always be a heightened part of Fall’s domain.