This grouping of my circular landscapes includes both monotype/ (monoprint) and mixed media. They are drawn from the perspective of lying on the ground and looking upward through tree branches to the sky beyond. As such these works present a metaphor for spiritual growth and life, expressing the platitude “take a different perspective”. The upward movement “toward the heavens” is presented in the circular format of a mandala for meditation or as in the Oriental 'Enso' fashion.

In late 2005, representatives from the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra asked me to be one of 16 artists creating hand-painted or mixed media cymbals to promote the 2005-2006 season and educational programs. The challenge was immediate: although I use interplay between what is and what only appears to be three-dimensional in my landscapes, even creating some in actual three dimension; (See: Scape Constructions) all involved working from an initial flat surface. Click to read more details on this unique commission.


Jordan David Dauby

Artist / Printmaker

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