Woodscape 4: The Farm Pond Glorified


Woodscape 5: Trinity / (Landscape) 3

In late Fall 2007, I was invited by the curator of the Folk Art Center in Asheville, N.C. to join a group exhibition to be called Pressing Matters in Printmaking. I chose the two representatives from my Woodscape series featured here.

Woodscape 5: Trinity/(Landscape)3 is actually a linocut printed in reduction method on Sekishu (thin natural) rice paper. While working on this piece, things seemed to present resolutions in 3's: more triangulated shapes and three balances of similar tones in tertiary colors. Playing off the 3's and cubist style gave me the final subtitle.


The selection above (left), Woodscape 4: The Farm Pond Glorified is a one block woodcut also printed in reduction method but on Hosho (thick white) rice paper. Under that image is a photograph taken just a few years ago of the subject which engendered this work. Over a decade ago, my youngest brother undertook the enlargement of the family farm pond. The small muddy water pond, which served mainly for watering cattle, was also a source of childhood play: handmade barges, sail and tug boats crisscrossed this pond, some became motorized paddle wheel boats while others were pulled across or around by long strings taking goods to the docks of imaginary villages and towns. As we grew older, the model ships gave way to wooden rafts and inflatable floats. But this pond also provide Norman Rockwellian memories of cane pole fishing with grandfather, father and even uncles and cousins visiting from the big cities.

The bulldozed, deeper and larger version might have fallen a little short of any blue lake vision but the glorified version remains an icon for transformation and still provides a quiet place for pond-goers and rock skimmers. Each time I visit the farm, a walk to the pond is always a short journey connecting my past and present, childhood to adulthood, person with nature.

Jordan David Dauby

Artist / Printmaker

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