My Scape Constructions are three-dimensional and may derive from one or a combination of printmaking types (lithography, serigraphy, intaglio and woodcut). Also included are my Eco-Art works: collages made from recycled and found objects. Eco-Art incorporates things which Nature is recycling into the natural landscape. I collect these items from hiking trails, steam and lake edges or from what comes my way or happens to blow into my yard. I may even exchange some items with street people in the city. I reclaim these objects and recycle them into art landscapes: reworked in my Scapeseries format and cubist style but not so refashioned as to negate the objects origins.

All Scape Constructions may include other media such as pastels, pencil and paint as well as extraneous items such as twigs, rocks, telephone wire, metal, glass, wood and collaged materials or similar found objects. The result is a intriguing interplay between what is and what is not actually three-dimensional.


Jordan David Dauby

Artist / Printmaker

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